Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So High Grounds is printing my coffee label on their product. Also I switched he art on the back out with my own because I'm a megalomaniac.

And here is how it all looks when they sell it in stores. (I can promise that the coffee is till good even if the label art is not...)
The tale of Orpheus is a classic Greek tragedy of descent into the underworld. For me, it was a descent into madness. The project involved countless hours of minute scribbling until my hand knotted into arthritis and I could scribble no longer. Some are more finished than others, But I would like to fix them up soon. Also I will learn to play the lyre. Chicks dig the lyre.

Not sure about the color, just something I need to further consider

And here they are individually:

Orpheus and Eurydice

Eurydice gets bit (then dies)

Cerberus goes to sleep

Orpheus rocks the underworld (ignore this one)

Orpheus looks back

and Orpheus mopes by the river

...don't look at me

I love books, don' t you love books? I love books. Books is good stuff. You know what is a book? The Wasp Factory is a book, and I designed a cover for it in my hand letters class. Because it's so strange and unsettling I decided to make the letters out of matchsticks. In other news, working with matchsticks is a pain in he ass.

Its an odd little tome, a bildungsroman of sorts set amid the misty banks of Scotland. Extremely polarizing, but probably a must read if juvenile delinquency and uncanny castration are your thing.

Speaking of wallpaper, I designed one based around onions. Everybody loves onions! Use them this to paper your child's bedroom! Your child will never cease crying!

Thinking of using these to make tea towels...

And here is the inked original. It has the heart of an onion but is found to be lacking in SOUL.

Brotha' ain't got no soul (sing this but jazzy)

Obligatory Commencement Fanfare

Now that we have that out of your system...

Why don't you try these out your next night on the town with that certain special someone?

a blind date


You'll be on TV for hosting a polygamist compound!

...Quit looking so jolly.